Today’s business climate is more competitive and volatile than ever before. Increased competition, changing global markets, mergers and acquisitions; these factors and many more are forcing companies to unlock the market data they have collected through their operational systems and use it to make faster and better decisions. Now more than ever, it is not only a competitive advantage, but a requirement, that all decision systems be quickly and easily implemented, accepted by users and able to adapt and scale as the business climate changes.


We live today in a society where information and knowledge represent an unprecedented role in our professional and personal lives. Organizations realize that their corporate information and knowledge assets are the commodities that set them apart from their competitors. Peter F. Drucker in 1993 stated, "Knowledge is now fast becoming the sole factor of production, sidelining both capital and labour." There is increased interest in maximizing the value of an organization's knowledge; knowledge has become one of the most (if not the most) valuable asset of the modern organization.

Image The Baby Boomers “Bomb”

Scarcity of knowledge and expertise is, and will continue to be, a huge challenge for organizations. Due to the anticipated mass retirement of baby boomers hired during the 1970s and 1980s, knowledge stewardship over time has become a critical concern.


However, knowledge retention and transfer is not just about retirement anymore: Many of today's most pervasive knowledge issues result from the constant movement of people from project to project inside organizations, as well as the entrance of new employees as others leave.


Enterprises are increasingly realizing the need for knowledge management strategies that address factors such as rapid organizational growth, layoffs, turnover, mergers and acquisitions, retirement and internal redeployments.


SUMNet Innovation is a knowledge based company located in Ottawa, which was created to attend mainly the knowledge management (KM) and Business Intelligence (BI) market. Our mission is to provide world-class consulting services in Knowledge Management  initiatives and Business Intelligence solutions development. Our unique, innovative and effective approach helps customers to better execute their strategies. Our vision is to deliver quality solutions based on state-of-the-art technology with the aim to provide flexible, scalable and safe environment able to fulfill customer needs with optimal Total Costs of Ownership.

Our customer long-term satisfaction, both with the delivered product and also with our professional services, we consider to be the highest success. Our methodology closes the gap between business needs and better solutions.