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Business Intelligence Factory©

ImageSUMNet in the end of 2005 began study and development of a new concept for Business Intelligence projects development, integrating many visions of Knowledge Mapping, Software Factory, and Offshore Development. This new concept was called Business Intelligence Factory© (BIF©). During 2006 all tools of the new BI applications development process was applied in some customers in Brazil.

SUMNet's Business Intelligence Services deliver Open Source Business Intelligence (OSBI) solutions at a reduced TCO which any small and medium businesses can afford.

We have a innovative process (Business Intelligence Factory© - BIF©)  and methodology (Knowledge Improvement Lifecycle Toolkit© - KILT©)  for development Business Intelligence Applications easily, faster and low-priced. Our methodology (KILT©) utilizes modern techniques of Knowledge Mapping to capture decision makers’ requirements, and a set of tools to define, design, implement, test and maintain enterprise BI applications.

SUMNet was created to attend mainly the SME market with the following characteristics:

  • • Use the offshore market potentialities; (North America and Europe);
  • Use the BI Factory© unit for BI applications construction;
  • Accomplish partnerships with consulting companies;
  • Act in the SME market;
  • Use Open Source BI (OSBI) platform for development and production a BI application.