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SUMNet Innovation is a knowledge based company located in Ottawa, which was created to attend mainly the knowledge management (KM) and Business Intelligence (BI) market. Our mission is to provide world-class consulting services in Knowledge Management  initiatives and Business Intelligence solutions development. Our unique, innovative and effective approach helps customers to better execute their strategies. Our vision is to deliver quality solutions based on state-of-the-art technology with the aim to provide flexible, scalable and safe environment able to fulfill customer needs with optimal Total Costs of Ownership.

Our customer long-term satisfaction, both with the delivered product and also with our professional services, we consider to be the highest success. Our methodology closes the gap between business needs and better solutions.

ImageSUMNet provides high-quality commercial open source Business Intelligence consulting and solutions through unique models and technologies, to deliver time, cost, quality and full-service advantages best-of breed in nature. SUMNet assists clients in making informed business decisions through high-impact insight, advice, and research.

Our clients enjoy the control over projects that comes with merging their personnel and our staff in a unified team working to promote a transfer of knowledge, while, our consultants have the expertise to handle projects of any size with confidence.

SUMNet has a cost effective rightshore process that provides significant savings (approximately 75% or more) through the utilization of a commercial open source state of the art offshore development center.

We believe in the 'partnership for life' philosophy - building a long term relationship with partnerships and clients helping their business grow.

SUMNet Innovation Inc. was created to supply the North American market with a Business Intelligence Factory©(BIF©), a software factory directed toward BI application development (Data Warehouse, ETL, Metadata Management, Data Mining, Analytic, Dashboard) with an Open Source Software (OSS). The BIF model©is totally innovative at the world-wide level and use the concepts of rightshore.

We have a range of consulting services and solutions that can meet any size of company.