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ImageSUMNet customers represent companies of advanced level in technology and high demand degree with their information environments. Our relationship with our clients becomes very personal as we work to provide a unique solution for each and everyone of them. We often form partnerships and alliances with our clients.

We look forward to adding you to our list of esteemed & satisfied clients. We encourage those who are considering becoming a client and those interested in learning more about SUMNet’s services to contact our company.

We have a wide range of clients to whom we provide services. Our clients range in size from sole-traders through to multi-national corporations. A few of our clients are shown below.

Petrobras PETROBRAS is the biggest Latin America energy company and one of the 10 biggest in the world.
  • • Case: Application of monthly forecast to energy cost in Brazil.
Consulado Geral de Angola Consulate General of Angola in Rio de Janeiro.
  • • IT Strategic Planning.
TJRJ TJRJ is the Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) law court.
  • • Case: Knowledge Mapping and Juridical Ontology Construction.
PREVI PREVI is the Brazil Bank employees’ provident fund.
  • • Case: Corporate BI – Board of Directors and Shareholders' Council.

Among our customers, they represent advanced level companies and high technological demand degree, such as:

The relationship with these companies has been built through the execution of high quality services, focused in their precise needs service, providing an increase in the work processes performance and effective cost reductions. The results of the rendered good services and the positive recommendations done by our customers are the main SUMNet growth propelling.