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Business Intelligence Factory© Model

The “rightshore” alternative for Business Intelligence projects.Image

The development of Business Intelligence applications is very specialized, with a few companies in the BI software service market.

The built process of BI applications using offshore process is something totally innovator and will become a wide market in the next couple years, according to the IDC and Gartner Group. The substantial advantage to use that kind of vision is related essentially to the huge cost reduction in development on the BI application.

SUMNet is the pioneer in BI offshore market worldwide. SUMNet’s work process has been developed based on BI projects experience, for several years, as well the vision of BI experts.

The Business Intelligence Factory© builds products for BI (data warehouse, OLAP, etc.), and it was developed for the Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SME). The big technological brand of this project, will be the use of a Commercial Open Software BI (COSBI) Pentaho for deployment of solutions for business intelligence. The use of free software, due to its extremely low cost, makes sophisticated BI solutions fully feasible to be deployed in SME companies.

Our solutions are structured on OSS (Open Source Software) platform and technologies which come with benefits of seamless integration into existing or future systems, and high productivity for customization of the deliverable product. It is our business to take care of the solution of our partnership’s solutions.

Our BIF© units have a strong blending of talents in BI Technology (Knowledge Map, DW Applications Development, ETL Production, Data/Text Mining, Data Modeling, Database Design and Information Quality), OSS foundations and Software Factory. Our staff is highly trained in our Methodology (KILT©) and tools.

We are a SME company and believe in the 'partnership for life' philosophy - building a long term relationship with a partnership and helping their business grow. Our people are pioneers in the incorporation of software factory and OSS technologies to the mission critical projects of Business Intelligence.

The main offshore concept of the BIF® business model is the ‘rightshore’ – the right mix of onsite/offsite/offshore work – that delivers high quality results at a lower price point while mitigating risk. According to the Gartner Group and Merrill Lynch, ‘rightshore’ is one of the ten largest trends in BI for the next five years.