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Achieving steady, profitable growth is the number one challenge most businesses face. Adapting product lines and sales tactics to new standards and markets is certainly another major test in this globalization era.  Our innovative and personalized Business Intelligence consulting services will take your company to the next level.Image

We are experts in the development and deployment of Business Intelligence services consulting and solutions that enable information to be reported on in the enterprise.


SUMNet consulting services provide thoroughly developed, applied and refined methods for delivering leading-edge high technology solutions. We have the best people, track record and processes to provide you the best consulting for your business.

SUMNet brings the highest possible level of expertise to every project. We know what needs to be done and we have the right people to do it. Our approach is designed to create an environment of close working ties between our consultants and our clients. We listen to our clients requirements and ensure that the final product fits the needs of the organization. By working with our clients in a team approach, we are able to successfully monitor our progress closely, and ensure that our staff and the quality of deliverables meet our clients' expectations. With this close attention to detail combined with our progressive approach, we deliver a quality product on time and within budget. If we are not confident that we can fully meet and surpass our clients expectations, we do not accept the assignment.


SUMNet prides itself on knowledge transfer and mentoring during the "consulting" process.  Not only do we implement the Business Intelligence solution, but we also provide important knowledge transfer so the client can manage the solution over time.  We have found that successful implementations are more a result of mentoring than consulting.